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Paris sediará o Primeiro Fórum Europeu sobre Media Literacy

O Primeiro Fórum Europeu sobre Media Literacy ocorrerá em Paris, entre os dias 27 e 28 de maio de 2014, na cidade de Paris, numa iniciativa da UNESCO. Reunirá especialistas, professores, profissionais de mídia, empresas, autoriedades da área do audiovisual, pesquisadores, ONGs e fundações com o objetivo de elevar a “educação para os meios de comunicação” ao nível das políticas públicas em toda a Europa. 

Veja o texto da convocatória

Launch of the First European Media Literacy Forum in Paris 

The First European Media Literacy Forum will be held on May 27 and 28 at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris. This conference is co-organized by UNESCO within the frame of the GAPMIL and will bring together experts, teachers, media professionals, industry, audiovisual authorities, researchers, NGOs, and foundations with the aim to relaunch MIL policies at a European level. 

The main objective of the forum is to contribute to the proposal of recommendations for the inclusion of Media Education in European school curricula and the development of initiatives in the field of informal education and education for disadvantaged groups. 

Resulting from in-depth research in 27 European countries, the EMEDUS project has proposed recommendations to improve media education in each of those areas. This conference will foster debate among institutions, experts, industry professionals, schools and the media as well as among political and regulatory authorities in order to discuss and readjust recommendations. 

The event also pretends to encourage the creation of a collaborative platform that constitutes the European Chapter of the Global Alliance Partners in Media and Information Literacy (GAPMIL). 

Professionals and institutions willing to participate should contact trough the Conference website

You may find in attachment the invitation letter from Jose Manuel Pérez Tornero, director of the conference. To discover more about the Programme and the participants, please turn to the following link 


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